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Snow Treasure Character Study

Name_______________________________________ Grade Level _____________  

Snow Treasure Character Study   Up to Chapter __________
The opening chapters of Snow Treasure provide background information for the book. Complete a chart that shows the information that you have gathered about characters, using their name and description as well as the central problems in the story.        

Peter _________________________________________________________________________________


Uncle Victor ____________________________________________________________________________


Helga _________________________________________________________________________________



Because of Winn-Dixie: Worksheet for Chapter 1 - 2

Because of Winn-Dixie:

Think of a person who is close to you — a parent, sibling, friend, relative, etc. List ten things you know about that person. Be specific and descriptive.











Choose your favorite or most intriguing character from

Book Report Task Setting

I use this in class as part of the book report Each week I give out a different task for the students to do about their book. At the end, I collect them all and have the students write an introduction, put pictures and make a presentation in class about their book.
Book Report Setting
The setting of a story is very important.  It tells where and when the story takes place. Sometimes the setting will be a determining factor of the story.
Read 10 pages of your book. Then answer these questions:
1. What is the setting of your book?  _______________________________________

2. If the place were different, would that change the story? _____________________ ____________________________________________________________________
3. In what way? _______________________________________________________
4. If the year(s) were different, would that change the story? ____________________
5.In what way? ________________________________________________________
Vocabulary:  Write four  new words with their me…

The Passive explanation and exercise

The Passive is used when we want to emphasize the object and the action being done rather than the subject of the sentence.   We might not even know who the subject is! 
1. Mr. Pine paints the house purple   The active sentence uses the verb paint. 
2. The house is painted purple.  The passive sentence use the verb is painted.
We can use the passive with different tenses.  Present, Future and Past. 
Present case is the example above.  The form for the passive is is + Past Participle (Third Form of the Verb -V3)
Past:  Form:  was+ Past Participle (Third Form of the Verb -V3)
The handyman fixed the oven.  Active  The oven was fixed by the handyman Passive.  
Future  Form:  will (verb  be + (Third Form of the Verb -V3)
Eric will play the part of the leading actor in the new film.  The part of the leading actor will be played by Eric. 
Present perfect:  Form:  has been + (Third Form of the Verb -V3) Our team has written the computer program.  The computer program has been written by our team. 
Modals  …

How to read the vowels A, E, and O

בס"ד How to READ!!       By Rachael Orbach
Lesson 1Vowels A, E, and O

A  says AA or ah                                     Write more words with an A sound

Baa A sheep says baa._____________________

La la we sing a Shabbat song_____________________

Ay also makes an a sound_____________________

Say   Say this word: say._____________________

Stay.  Lets stay home._____________________

Way    Lets walk this way._____________________

May  May I have some tea please? _____________________

Ee  sounds

Ee makes an EE sound  

Sheep   The sheep are eating.