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Daylight Saving Time

This is for an English speaker class 9-12th grades.  Have fun!

Here is the link for the article:

Here are the questions and vocabulary:

Vocabulary -Look these words up in the dictionary:
health risksleep deprivedgrouchytemporarily
heart attackstresslingeringcardiovascular
seasonal affective disordermotivatetendsuffertranslate
Students look up the vocabulary as the Do Now to start class. 
Here is the worksheet, the lines are set for a standard A4 page, so you can just cut and paste. 
Name ___________________________________
1. What are the health effects of Daylight Saving Time?
a. ______________________________________________________________________

2. Which day of the week are people most likely to suffer a heart attack?
a. _____________________________________________________________…

Science Fiction poetry Mars and Earth

Mars and Earth   by Rachael Orbach

Blue sunsets on Mars, I will always remember
But pink sunsets on Earth will always make me feel tender

I look up at the blue ball so far away
I know that I'll never go back there anyway.

Colonists on a one way trip,
We live in domes and can't sip

I miss water that flows from the cup,
instead of the ice to suck.

We live inside
Oxygenated,Pressurized and  Magnetized

Because Mars doesn't have a magnetic field
our fate here is sealed.

We stay in contact with radio
and my family and I will go into limbo

Remember us people of Earth
Mars is a world of truth,

We should have never come here
I really fear.

To teach this poem you need to have some background on the conditions
on the Planet Mars:
(if this is too hard, choose the simple English translation)

Go over any vocabulary words: 



1.  Which facts does the author use in the poem?

2.  How do…

The Long Road to Jerusalem

The Long way to Jerusalem

By Rachael Pittler Orbach 

It was a hot day and I had only arrived in Israel that week. I was visiting a family that I had never met, who were friends of a friend of mine. The lived in Beer Sheva, in the southern part of Israel. I had been a bad guest, sleeping when they were awake and awake when they were sleeping. The big excitement in town in the middle of summer was the Bedouin Market near the city. We went there, and saw a shopping mall encamped on the sand. Almost any dry goods that anyone would want to buy, was sold out in the open, clothing, jewelry and full bolts of cloth were all available. If you wanted to buy some wool, you could, as long as you bought the sheep as well. But would it fit on the bus to take it home?

After the outing of the week, I bought a ticket to Jerusalem. My halting Hebrew was enough to buy the ticket without butchering the Holy language too much. I waited at the outside benches sipping water. Soldiers, only young boys and gi…