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What is good writing?

If we want to teach writing to our students we have to have standards
 about what is good writing.
How do we judge good writing?
There are three categories of writing that the teacher and the student
 have to be aware of.
The first is content.
The content has to be interesting, the writing has to have a message.
 If there is no message in the writing, whether it be an e-mail, an essay
or a story, there is no reason to write.
The content has to be coherent.  The ideas must be developed and clear.  
The writing has to be relevant to the topic.  If the assignment is to write a
 restaurant review, then don't give a recipe.   The writing has to be clear.
Your readers need to be able to follow your train of thought.

The second category is technique or skills of writing.  These skills include
 spelling, punctuation, syntax (word order) vocabulary, grammar and sentence structure.
 English is not forgiving if a writer doesn't follow these technical rules.

The last category is form.  …

Yosef Story Part 2

"Yosef" - his other stepmother would call. "Yosef"  you are going to be late for Cheder!"
"Yosef" - his other stepmother Bilha would call, "Yosef! Everyone has already eaten up all the pita that I baked this morning! All that is left is the stale bread from yesterday!

Finally, Leah, Yakov's chief wife would call Yosef, "Just because you are your father's favorite doesn't mean that you can take advantage! Your mother Rachel in Gan Eden can't protect you forever!"  Come and eat and go to Cheder.
But Yosef would not listen and many a day he want to school hungry.  But the other brothers  would not let their brother starve and his best friend Benjy would always sneak an extra pita for his older brother.

But one day, precious children, listen to this, Benjy forgot to bring extra food, and Yosef never watched his temper either in those days. he thought nothing of getting angry.  It was natural for him to raise his voice, he …

Idioms Make many, much, remember and remind.

make, many, much, remember, remind.

Make often means to produce or create something that was not there before.

Make a bargain - two people agree about money

We made a bargain when we bought that car, we've never had any trouble with it. 

Make the bed - straighten sheets and blankets 

My daughter has to make her bed in order to get her allowance. 

Make believe - imagine

Young children make believe with toys and other household items such as pots and pans! 

Make a mistake - to err  

I'm afraid I made a mistake on my taxes, I hope I won't have to pay a big fine! 

Make a fire.  - light a fire. 

The Indians made fire with flints and stone, but today we use matches. 

Make noise - to cause a loud sound 

Please don't make noise right now, Jill has a migraine headache and 
needs to rests in the next room. 

Make a statement - to release a statement to the press. 

The President is going to make a statement this evening at 7:00pm on national TV. 

Make war - to cause armed conflict

I don't under…