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Words Commonly Confused Worksheet

Words Commonly Confused Worksheet
For each of the following sentences, circle the word or words that best complete the sentence correctly. 
I couldn’t decide ( which           witch ) color shoes I wanted.Your paper is ( do            due ) next week.
I do not ( no    know ) the answer to this problem.
I got into a fight with my sister because she always thinks she’s ( right    write ).
The ( cite    site    sight ) of the new shopping mall is over    ( their    there    they’re ).
I’m not sure ( weather    whether ) it will rain this weekend or not.
I will have to ( accept    except ) the fact that I will never be a great basketball player.
My new job had a bad ( affect    effect ) on my grades.
Make sure you do ( your    you’re ) homework right after school.
I ( hear    here ) that you’ve won a trip to Europe.
What should I ( wear    where    were ) to the dance?
My friends have seen me ( threw    through…

Modal and Semi Modal Review assignment

I use this as a homework assignment

For each question, write 4 sentences using modals and semi-modals

1. Your friend has failed his English test.  Use modals
 could, may, should

2. Ask your friend about four things he can or can't do.
Use semi modals be able to, or modal can, can't

3. Ask your friend what she may or may not do after graduation.

4. Write four things a driver must or must not do while driving.
se must or must not

5. Write four sentences telling about things you don't have to do
 if you don't want to.   Use semi modals have to, don't have to.

Good luck with your upcoming quiz on Modals and Semi Modals!