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The Great Vowel Shift - a paper about how we speak!

The Great Vowel Shift took place during the 14th Century in England. At that time there were many
regional accents of English, each coming from a certain part of England. Even today there are regional
accents. The variety of accents and dialects, had a direct bearing upon the development of English as it is
spoken today. The shift in the vowel structure of English can be traced to a certain time period. The 14 th
Century saw many different forces at work. This short paper will trace a few of the causes of the Great Vowel

The Great Vowel Shift took place over a long period of time. It started in Chaucer’s time, and some say
it is still going on now. The major change was in the pronunciation of the long vowels. The long vowels now
say their names, but before, they were more like the French pronunciation. This is because the ruling classes of
England had to use French in the Court. There was social prestige in being well educated, and this included
being able to speak and write F…

A walk to the Sea!

As I walk from the Old Central Bus Station to the sea 
How much is that Dali in the window?  300 shekels and it is only a poster? 
An underground street crossing - Dark 
A cool break from the 34 C heat

A man yelling Dollar Dollar standing outside the Bank. 
A vendor, obviously to tired to yell has recorded his spiel. 

"Four shekels, Four shekels Plastic water toys that swim!" 

A couple run to the bus, covered in sweat. 

A young man strumming the guitar, competes with the radio from next door, it is hopeless for him.  Neither wins, I can't hear the song on the radio either. 

A green pedestal with steps that lead up to an empty green chair.   Who sits in that chair?  Yehezkiel the Prophet?  

The Tel Aviv Souk, crowded with merchandise but not with people. 
Maybe they come in the mornings when it is cool. 

A view of the ocean,
Time for a blessing
May God bless all of his creations
With Peace. 

Rachael Orbach

Lesson Plan for a Model Lesson - It worked for me!

This is a model lesson that I gave a while ago to get a job in a school.  
 Find a paragraph on a current event, add in vocabulary words and you are all set!

Good luck!

Lesson Plan Outline Rachael Orbach
Level   Intermediate 3rd Stage                Grade   7th                                    Feb 29
Domain(s)  Access to Information
Purpose of Lesson: (General Aims) Reading Comprehension of  text, analysis of  paragraph structure.
Lesson Benchmarks(s): (indicators of progress within each domain) Understand the main idea and supporting details in this text, using this knowledge to answer questions about the text.
Materials: Handout, of a paragraph from a newspaper, with questions, white board, markers, students'  notebooks to write answers to questions.
Stage Description Time
Set Induction What makes a great paragraph?  How do you know that the paragraph is interesting?    What associations?  How does it affect you?   5 minutes Practise (Groups, Pairs, Individuals  The teacher rea…