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What is Silicon Valley?

Silicon Valley has become synonymous with the High tech bubble.  Many of the most successful names in the Internet are located there.  go to this blog post to find out more

Have fun the last day of summer vacation!

Rachael Alice
I am still available for haircuts this week!
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New Children's Story looking for publisher!

Here is a new children's story, hot off the press, or shall we say from the pencil and paper.

This is only a sample, mind you.  The whole book is 28 pages long full of cat adventures.

I am actively looking for a publisher!

Any and all leads that don't involve self publishing are appreciated.


Rachael Alice

Primary School System in Israel

Now that the school year is about to begin, we need to find out about how the primary school system works.

If you are just coming on Aliyah, this is very important information.
I was really green about this and I didn't know anything.  But now after being here for 20 years, I can tell you   a thing or two about it.

Here is a blog post about it:

Good luck for the coming school year!

Rachael Orbach

How to correct bad spelling

Lets face it.  Spelling in the modern world is getting worse.   Even with spell checker, many times the student chooses a wrong word just because it looks right.  But they don't know the meaning of the word, so it doesn't fit into the sentence!

I came across an old book written in 1918, by David M. Roth

Here is a lesson about spelling, sometimes old can be good!

He takes some words that are commonly misspelled, and have the student practice them in a different way than we usually do.

There are two ways that we can do this:
First we take the word that has a letter that we don't usually hear:

Privilege:  The letter i people usually don't hear and spell it with an e.

So how do you practice spelling this?
You make the i bigger.

privilege  This is much easier when you are working with a pen rather than on computer,
Write the word this way five times. Then test yourself the next day, writing the word regular.

Vacationing during the summer

If you are like me, then you like to get away during the summer when it is very hot here in Israel.

There are many places to go where you can use your English.  I like to return to where I grew up in Los Angeles.

I have wonderful memories of Disneyland, rollerskating up and down Santa Monica Beach, playing First chair in the Santa Monica Symphonic Band, One time I was late to the performance which was on the boardwalk,  I parked in the tall parking garage, put money in the meter (not enough as it turns out) and put on my purple rollerskates, that just happened to match my dress, and pelted through the streets with my clarinet in the backpack.  I got there just as the Band Director had almost given up.  They left me a seat on the edge, so I saw my seat, rolled down the incline, grabbed the clarinet, put it together and the Director, Wally Umber nodded at me as I had the reed on the mouthpiece and we began to play.  Such memories of California!

Here is a blog post of places to visit i…