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Use the Correct Verb exercise!

I use this as a homework assignment when I am working on the irregular verb chart.

This helps to the student to actually use the verbs!

Niece: I (tear, tore, will tear) my sweater this morning!  It (is, will be, was) my favorite, I wore it all last winter!

Aunt:  Let's go to Gimbels to (get, getting, got) a new one!

Uncle: Have you (forgot, will forget, forgottn ) that Gimbels has been (close closes, closed) for a few years now?  Could you (try, tried, have tried) Saks Fifth Avenue? Don't (take, took, will take) too long. We've (getting, got, will get) tickets for a helicopter ride over Central Park at 4:00pm. and at 7:00pm we're (go, going have gone) to the Royal Ballet at Lincoln Center.

Niece What will you (doing, do, did) tomorow?  I'm (go, going, have gone) to Greenwich Village to see the street musicians.  I want to (get, go, gone) tips on outdoor performing,  I (play, played, have played) the saxophone for two years now.

Aunt: We want to (will see, have see…