Sunday, August 11, 2013

Phrasal Verb Get Exercise

I use this as either in class or a homework that is to be handed in.  

Name____________________ Date _________________

Phrasal verbs  are verbs that have two words, one is the verb and the other is a preposition.  They are used in many expressions in English.  פעילים בעל שני מילים הם מאוד חשוב באנגלית.  המילה הראשון הוא הפועל והשני מילת יחס.

Fill in the following verb (get) with the correct prepositions (away,
down, in, off, on, out, no preposition).

תכתוב המילת יחס המתאים בשבלי המשפט


Rover you wet dog, get ___________ the couch!  (off)

1. Quick! Get _______________ the train. It's ready to leave.

2. Get ______________ the ladder, it is broken!

3. Come home, and get ________________ of the rain, you don’t have a raincoat!

4.  Will you please get _________________ me the bread from the table?

5.  Get _____________ the house, It is too late to be outside at night.

6. Get _________ from the street! There is a truck coming!

 Write your own sentences using the word get and prepositions.

1. _______________________________________






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