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How to design an engaging worksheet for students.

Do your students groan when you hand out worksheets?  Well that doesn't have to happen.  If we spend a little bit more time and thought to design, worksheets can be more engaging.

I found a video that will help you to design more effective worksheets:

This is very important information, I know that we all have lots of experience in writing worksheets, but this will help us teachers be more effective.

Good luck!
Rachael Alice

There are FOUR ways that we can say the Future Tense

There are FOUR ways that we can talk about the Future Tense in English.

The first two are called the Future Simple.

1.  Will  - used to make a prediction  or talk about the future.
The form of the Future Simple with Will is very simple.

We use the word will and then the verb in the base form.

I will do my homework.  This is a perfectly good sentence in the Future Simple. "Will" signifies that the action is in the future, and the verb "do" is the action.  Let's write another one:

You will attend the meeting at 12:00 noon.

"will" is the marker for the future, and attend is the action.

2. Be Going To. - used to talk about plans in the future.

The form of Be Going to has to be conjugated to agree with the subject of the sentence.
I  am going to . . .
He is going to
She is going to
It is going to
You are going to
We are going to
They are going to

I am going to set up my schedule for next week.  This sentence is an action that indicates a plan for the fu…