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A Shekel, a Dollar - Rhyme for learning English

בס"ד A Shekel, A Dollar
I changed this only a little bit to update the poem, and make it so that Israelis would understand it better.  The students cut out the pictures and when the teacher reads the poem they act out the words. 

A shekel, a dollar, A ten o’clock scholar, What makes you come so soon? You used to come at ten o’clock, But now you come at noon.

Is, Am, Are Practice for beginners - Hickey Style lesson

I like using the Hickey Method to teach the Alephabet, but now with one set of students, I want to teach grammar.  They like the format of the Hickey  My students are also artists, so here is the lesson plan that I gave them, and then you can see the pictures that they drew!  Free free to use this in your teaching.

This is the text, and here I have the students say or write the correct verb. 

Write in is/am/are  - Rachael Alice Orbach  The bag _____________ blue. We _________  wearing blue shirts. The children ___________ young. The man _________ is old. The  game ______ easy. Chess _____ is hard. The rocks __________ grey. The grass __________ green. I ____________happy. She __________sad. Teddy __________my friend Tom __________not my friend.

Word List 1

The Old Woman Who Lived In a Shoe - Politically correct version

I use song and rhyme when teaching young children, but I didn't like the old version.  So here is a new and improved version of this beloved poem.  
How to teach.  First I read the poem aloud to the children, then I demonstrate hand movements, For example,  Old woman, crouch over and hold the back, then I point to the shoe,  For many children, I make believe I am hugging lots of kids, Knew what to do I point to my head.  To demonstrate chicken soup, I cup my hands like I'm serving soup, Salad, I eat some imaginary salad, bread, I cut bread, To do the kiss, I kiss my own hand.  I wanted to teach different foods, soup, chicken, salad and bread. 
Then I have the children color in  the drawings, and have them say the poem and hand movements again a few times.   They love it and they are learning English! 

The Old Woman Who Lived In a Shoe - Politically correct version by Rachael Alice Orbach
There was an old woman who lived in a shoe
She had so many children, she knew what to do
She gave…

Greetings in English- with translation into French and Hebrew

Greetings in English - with Translations in French and Hebrew!

Practice this short dialog 5 times! Read down the first column.
After the 5th time, cover up the translation and say it again!

Good luck!
Rachael, your English teacher!

Welcome! Bienvenue!ברוך הבהHello!Bonjour!שלוםHi!Salut!היMy name is Pierre.Je m’appelle Pierre.השם שלי פירto callappelerלקראI call myself J’appelle…קורים לי.I call myself…Je m’appelle…קורים ליMy name is…Je m’appelle…השם שליMy name is Pierre.Je m’appelle Pierre.השם שלי פירNice to meet you!Enchanté!טוב להכיר אותךHow are you?Comment allez-vous?מה שלומך?to goallerללכתI am doing (going) well.Je vais bien.הכל בסדרI am doing well.Thank you.Je vais bien. Merci.