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Going to the Doctor - Easy English conversation lesson you can use in class.

בס"ד  Here is an easy English conversation lesson that you can use in your classroom.  It takes about 15 minutes depending upon the level of your class.  A more advanced class will do it in less time.  First you read the dialogue with one student volunteer, and then have the students work in pairs reading the dialog to each other, switching parts saying the dialog to each other.  Good luck!  to my book that is on Amazon:   The Relatives are coming to Visit  
The Relatives are coming to Visit Going to the Doctor

Rina Levy :     Hi Dr. Cohen, I feel terrible. (cough cough)
Dr. Cohen:      What seems to be the matter?
Rina                 I have this terrible cough.
Dr. Cohen       How long have you had the cough?
Rina                 Oh, for about a week.
Dr. Cohen.      Did you have a cold before that?
Rina                 Yes, (cough, cough)
Dr. Cohen       Well, go sit on the table.
Rina                 Ok. (sits on the examining table)
Dr. Cohen       Open your mouth,  yes…