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Teaching young children English through Songs


For children from the ages of 4 -6 I bring my guitar and teach them to sing along with me.  Each lesson, I bring a new song that I will be posting on this page.  So by the end of the year there will be a lot of songs that you can choose from!  

Of course I start with the Alphabet song: 

The Alphabet Song Guitar Tab Guitar Tab and Guitar Chords to the Alphabet Song Chords Used: C (x32010) | F (xx3211) | G7 (320001) | G (320003) C              F       C
A - B - C - D- E - F - G
F       C       G7     C
H - I - J - K - LMNO - P

C       F   C       G
Q - R - S - T - U - V

C   F   C     G
W - X - Y and Z

C     F       C
Now I know my ABC's

F         C         G7        C
next time won't you sing with me.

Then I do a variation on Bingo, they don't really understand the clap substitution so I sing the same song, with a different first letter:  Bingo   Guitar Chords and Lyrics to BINGO Chords Used: C (x32010) | F (xx3211) | G (320003)) | Am (x02210)       C            F     C
There was a…

Irregular Verbs in the Past and Past Participle

בס"ד Name_____________________________ Irregular Verbs in the Past and Past Participle Write the V3 form V1               V2               V3 begin           began        ___________________
drink            drank        ___________________
give             gave           ___________________
sing              sang          ___________________
sit                 sat             ___________________
swim            swam         ___________________
babysit        babysat         ___________________
Write in sentences in the past tense ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Write sentences in the present tense 

Active to Passive Game for your class. Use during a class party at the end of the year!

Activity: Change to Passive This can be used for the last day of class party, before a vacation.

Level: High-intermediate through advanced

Preparation: around 5 minutes

Time: 30 minutes

Directions: Print this page. Fill in the blank spaces with the names of some of your students. Copy on to colored paper or card stock and cut the sentences into strips. Divide the class into teams. This game is played in rounds. For each round, give every team one strip. Students work together to change the active voice sentence to passive. One member of the group races to the board and rewrites the sentence in the passive--if possible. (Almost all the sentences can be changed to passive; there are just a few that can't- to throw a wrench into the activity.) You can add more sentences.

 You check the sentences with the class and keep track of each team's points on the board.
Scoring is as follows: Grammatically perfect sentences are worth 5 points. An incorrect passive voice
sentence is worth …