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How to give a great presentation! Business English

Business English Conversation lesson.  How you give a presentation is as important as the content!

How you give a presentation is as important as what information you wish to present.  Make sure that you know your data and that you are well prepared with the correct dress and body language.  Presenters from all parts of business need to learn these rules and strive to present even dry data in an interesting way!

Read this article and be prepared to discuss it with your English teacher

Key Terms
make a name for themselves
Congressional Medal of Honour
a slap in the face
 a higher calling
impassioned address
righteous indignation
emotional involvement
strong narrative
constructive feedback
motivational speaker
freshest version

How many presentations do you need to give at your job
How do you prepare for them?
Why does the article say not…

Reward students for NOT looking at their phones! English Conversation

English conversation lesson about how to motivate students not to look at their phones during class.

Teachers and Employers are becoming more and more annoyed by students and workers looking at their phones during class and work. The smartphone
is a big distraction and provides much of the time wasted during class and work throughout the day. But what could you do about it? Now there is an app that could provide the answer!

Read this article and discuss it with your English teacher

Key terms
phones locked
earn points
redeem points

What is the point of the app?
What can the students earn if they use the app? How does that benefit students?  How does that benefit the professor? How does that benefit businesses?  How can the teacher give more points to students? Is this a good incentive for students to stay off the phone? Would you use it, pe…

Selling your home? Remodel the bathroom! English Conversation

English Conversation lesson about Real Estate and renovations.

As you might know, I used to be a real estate agent here in Israel, before the ignominious exit from Lebanon dropped the bottom out of the real estate market in the country for a few months. I made the exit from the real estate market at that time as well, and took up teaching English.  But it is difficult to say goodbye forever to the excitement of real estate.  So here is an article to help you sell your home!

Read this article and watch the video and discuss it with your English teacher

Key Terms
to get the most value out of a home
folklore into fact
conventional wisdom 
crunched an enormous amount of data
lowest returns on investment
 reach their peak 
bang for your buck
sharp spike 
agent contacts
slips on an ivy-green jacket
psychological pricing
the thousands digit 

According to the article,…

Habits of Successful people - Business English Conversation

Business Conversation Lesson about how to organize your morning to be successful.

Everyone has daily habits to help them get up and running in the morning.  I usually get up with a vibrating alarm clock that is under my pillow.  I pet the cat and then get the children out of bed and out to school.   I don't sit down to eat until at least 7:30, but to get some energy I squeeze and orange and a lemon and drink it.  'Then after the kids are our, I get down to business.

Read this article to find out what hugely successful people do Key Terms  striking   retail outlet pave the way maximize productivity , effectiveness success catapult   distractions  resources, sneaky  undermine  mental clarity  nuisances  up to par recharge blast of energy  one fell swoop visualize like a breeze work burnout  eliminates stress peak performance  less-pressing tasks trivial

Questions  Which of these habits seems to you the m…

Terminally- ill British Doctor's campaign for human touch wins massive support - Medical English

Medical English lesson about how a British doctor is helping to have doctors and nurses treat patients better while they are in the hospital.

Have you ever been in the hospital and felt like a number?  I have, and let me tell you I couldn't wait to get out of there!  I even signed myself out early!  A terminally ill UK doctor is leading a campaign to change this attitude of doctors and nurses.

Read this wonderful article and discuss it with your English teacher

Key Terms
 healthcare workers
 human connection
Fed up
a campaign
compassionate practice 
 therapeutic relationship
building trust
patient outcomes
a tweet
 get the better of her

What is the current practice in some hospitals?
Why do doctors and nurses refer to patients in this way? 
What is Dr Granger's idea? 
Why does she think this would be a better way of dealing with patients in the hospital?
What did th…

Washington State to end Daylight savings time - English conversation

English conversation lesson about Daylight Savings time, which is coming up in March for many places in the world.  

I don't know about you, but I just hate Daylight Savings Time! It doesn't save daylight, it forces people to go bed early and wake up early, except that most people don't really go to sleep early and then they are too sleepy when the clock tells them to get up.

Read this interesting article and discuss it with your English teacher

Key terms 
 opt out 
 clock tinkering days 
messing with
driving force
followed suit. 
altered  alteration
 offset by
 spring forward

Why does Washington State want to stop Daylight Savings Time?
What benefits does DST bring? 
How would stopping DST help the economy? 
How much energy is really being saved by changing the time?
What industry would not benefit by stopping DST?
Does DST help you personally? 
Does your country change the time?
What do you…

Food Allergies are not by choice! English Conversation

English Conversation lesson about food allergies and the problems that people with food allergies have.

Yes, at my son's school, there was a boy who was allergic to all products related to peanuts.  In Israel, this can be serious because Bamba, the popular snack is made of peanuts.  Peanut and jelly sandwiches are not as popular though.  Many people grumble when they are told that they have to stop sending peanut snacks to the school for birthdays.  But this can be a serious problem for a child who is allergic to peanuts. if they smell peanuts they can get seriously ill.

Read this article and discuss it with your English teacher
Key Terms  outstanding rants unvaccinated measles chicken pox mumps meningitis whopping cough viral rant medically diagnosed immune system disease cure funding  avoid the allergy Anaphylaxis shock Epinephrine  steroid treatments. airborne particles vegetarian references
Questions According to the article, what are…

Tibetan Remedy for prolonging life and preventing tumors English conversation

English conversation lesson about alternative medicine and whether it really helps people or not. 

One of the reasons that people turn to Alternative Medicine is that Western Medicine doesn't give enough assurances of perfect health.  Western Medline is concerned with treating symptoms of disease, but not so much with prevention.

Read this article and discuss it with your English teacher
Key Terms  digestive disorders
Strictly adhere

What is surprising about this "tea"? 
What are the benefits? 
Do you see any problems with drinking this tea?
What are the benefits?
Would you consider doing this treatment? 
Which of the teas mentioned in this post would be more tasty?
Do you take any type of "health" remedies? 
Do you take vitamins? 
Who told you to take the vitamins?

Lesson Plan by Rachael Alice Orbach  Professional English Teacher 

China opens Shanghai Stock Market to Hong Kong - Business English

Business English lesson about the Stock market in China.  

The Stock Exchange in China is about to become much more interesting for investors.  In the past, investors had to choose to invest either in the Shanghai Exchange or Hong Kong. Now, however they might be able to invest in one, and be able to trade stocks in the other. 

Read or listen to  this article and discuss it with your English teacher 

Key Terms 
stocks listed 
limited reform measure
capital account

According to the text, what is the advantage of this change? 
How would this open the financial market of China?
Where do most international investors put their money? 
Where do most Chinese investors put their money? 
What limits would investors have to abide by? 
Why does the stock market need these limits?
Why does China want to have international investors?

Fashions come and go. Midrif is back after a long vacation! English Conversation

English Conversation lesson about Fashion Week in Paris 

I remember the last time that the belly was out.  I made sure to skip it for several reasons.  One, unless you have lots of heat inside, it is a bit cold to have the tummy out. 'Two,  I don't look good that way. Three,  You have to have the perfect body to carry it off.   Where do you stand on this fashion statement? 

Read this article and discuss it with your English teacher

Key Terms 
haute couture 
 artificial winter jungle 
crop top
abdominal work
 waifish models
complex feather-flower-embroidery train
 paparazzi flashes
flower woman
pop-up books

What is your favorite look from this article? Why? 
Did you like the belly button craze in the 90's? Why or why not?
Is this the time to bring it back? 
Does Chanel really speak for French fashion?  World fashion?