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150 Years since Abraham Lincoln Assassination

The assassination of Abraham shocked the United States.  The most bloody and vicious war had just ended, the United States was just getting back to the work of reconstruction and then the victorous leader was dead from a bullet.  We had an old photograph of Abrham Lincoln hanging in our den.  I used to look at it and get inspiration to keep up and do what is right.  He was not only a symbol for the abolution of slavery but also to do the right thing.

Read this article and discuss it with your English teacher

What is the legacy of Abraham Lincoln?
Why is Lincoln thought of as America's President?
What was Lincoln's greatest accomplishment?

How does your head of state compare with Lincoln?

How did Water get to the Earth - E

When I was a child, instead of having pictures of rock stars on my wall, I had a chart of the solar system, with all the facts about the solar system, how far the planet was away from the sun, how big each planet was, The poster was yellow and black and it is too bad that I never took a picture of it.
There was one thing that I was always curious about.  Why does the Earth have so much water when all the other planets are dry? Where did all this water come from?

Well, now there are a few theories.  Read this blog post and discuss them with your English teacher

Key Terms
morning dew
roaring falls
the sound of one hand clapping
solar system denizens
primordial constituents
atomic nuclei
propitious start
each has been fingered
 high ambient temperatures

Which theory of how water got to Earth do you think is the best? 
How many co…

Facebook Scam English conversation lesson

If  you are heavily into Facebook and really care about your data there then you have to be very careful about the scam that is going around there now. The page is not even in good English and is confusing to read. Never imput your credit card information to unknown sites. 

 Beware if you get this

Key Terms  scam payment page abuse of account credentials ignore warning monetary compensation
Questions Have you ever been the victim of a scam?  What did you do? Did you have to pay money? What do you think about Facebook in general? What can be done to stop these types of scams? 

Lesson Plan by Rachael Alice Orbach - Professional English Teacher 

Like taking photographs? Not on a plane! English conversation lesson

I enjoy taking pictures but after reading this blog post I am not going to take pictures on a plane ever again!  See what happens when there is no hard and fast rule?

Read this page and discuss it with your English teacher

Key Terms
law-abiding citizens
 hung up on it.
my travel record
frequent flier
medically cleared
professional judgment
larger debate
travel schedule
losing proposition

According to the article, what is the problem with taking picture of airplanes? 
Why are the airlines upset about taking pictures? 
What kind of pictures are ok to take? 
Why do the airlines allow their employees to stop people from taking photos? 
What kind of photograph would you be permitted to take on an airline? 
Would you change your photographing habits after reading this article? 
If you were an airline, what types of photogr…

How to study for BULATS Reading test in English

The Bulats reading test is very useful if you need an evaluation of your reading ability quickly. this is he offical website:  This test evaluates your abilty in Business English.  One of the main differences is that you can take this test on the Internet, without leaving your home or office!

The different parts of the test test different skills. The reading test as two parts:

 Part 1 of the test gives you a text of 250 words, and comprehension questions at the bottom of the page.  Make sure that you understand the text so the questions will be easy. In order to do well on this part of the test, practice by reading short essays, and news reports. , make sure that you pick Grade 6 articles and about half way down the page are reading comprehension questions for Student A and B answer both sets of questions.

Part 2 is a cloze exercise.  It tests your ability to recognize idioms and common phrases in English.
You will be given…

Body size in animals is a function of how it finds its food - Science English lesson

The question of how animals find their food is very important for our understanding of the future of food on our planet.  In the past, scientists looked at food gathering by animals from a eco-system viewpoint.  But now a group of UCLA (my alma mater) researchers have found a new dimension in food gathering.

Read this article and discuss it with your English teacher.

Key terms
 krill, shrimp-like creatures
feeding rate — the overall amount of food they consume per unit of time
 three-dimensional space
two-dimensional space
sea bed
spatial dimension
extra resources
consumer size
ostensibly inferior existence
crucial differences
boom-and-bust cycles

What do you already know about this subject?
What do the previous theories have to say about feeding rates and body size? 
How did the Blue Whale evolve to be so big? 
What was interesting about the way that this study was conducted? 
What …

Will/Won't Future tense English Grammar

Will and won't are one way that is used to signify the future tense in English
Example: Will is for positive events about the future
I will go to Paris next month.
Won't is used to negate an event in the future.
I won't eat meat, I'm a vegetarian!

Exercise: Will/won’t  fill in with the correct word
My friend ________________________ send me an e-mail, he doesn’t have a computer!
They _____________________ ride bicycles tomorrow, it’s going to rain!
I love to play tennis, tomorrow I ___________________ play with Tom.
Dan and David are going to play soccer, but I broke my arm so I ____________________ play.
I ________________________ kick the ball to win the game!
Yossi is sick, he _____________________ go skiing tomorrow.
How can you ride a bike with a broken arm? Don’t worry I ___________________.
They _____________________ go to the movies today, there is too much homework!
She ______________________________ go to the doctor because she is sick!
He ___________________p…

Vocabulary Review of things you can do in your spare time!

Review of Vocabulary words having to do with what you do in your free time.
Name__________________________ Date______________________ Part 1: Translate from English to Hebrew.   Board games_________________         Riding a bicycle_________________

Chess club__________________           For sale____________________

Free time__________________             Fantastic game_______________

Reading a book_______________          Indoors __________________

Outdoors ______________

May 10 is clean up your room day! Write your own essay!

Name_________________  Date____________________
Clean up your room day!

May 10 is clean up your room day! Think about your room. How is it organized? Where are your clothes? Where do you keep your shoes? Your school supplies?
You can use these vocabulary words: clean, tidy, organize, shoes, dresser, closet, books, CD's, phone, charger, desk, sweep, mop, floor, shelves, table, chair, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush,
Write a paragraph about your room.   Write 100 words

Lag B'Omer cloze exercise English Vocabulary

Lag B'Omer is coming up soon, so here is a worksheet that you can give to your students on that day!

Name________________________________ Lag B'Omer

According to the Talmud, (Tractate Yevamot 62b)
Use these words to fill in the blanks Hair, weddings,  music, reason, improve,  died,  count,  time, respect,  24,000
, ______________students of Rabbi Akiva died in one short period, because "they did not show proper __________to one another!" And all of them __________ between Pesach and Shavuot as a result of a plague during the days of the Omer counting. For that ____________, we  observe a customs  during this time, 16 Nissan - 5 Sivan,   during the whole month of Iyar, (with one exception),

General News Lesson English Conversation

Purpose of the media  Lesson for general purpose and can be used with any news stories that are popular right now.

What is the purpose of the meida? 
What do you think the main purpose of television news is? To inform, entertain or influence?

 Do you think people generally take the news at face value?

What are some of the differences between television news and the news in the newspapers?

What makes a good news story, in your opinion. For example, celebrities and their cars, a

general election, the discovery of a cure for a bad disease etc

Have you ever been at the location of a big news story? Were the television reports true? If

not, what does this make you think about the reliability of television news?

How much news do you get from Facebook?

Is the news on Facebook more reliable than the TV? or newspapers?

What about other social networking sites, do you trust these sites to get the news?

Three News Stories

Think of three news stories from your lifetime. One from the current mont…