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Learn ABC! Dr. Suess or Oxford Let's Go 00

I have been teaching the ABC lately to children. There are many books out there on the market, and schools like to use the Oxford Let's Go series.

Both teach the ABC, but really, which one do you as a parent or teacher have more fun teaching?

I like Dr.Suess.  Hands down it is more fun, kids can feel like Dr. Suess understands their world and how kids love playing with language.

Open to page 30.  The letter M.  there are 8 words beginning with the letter m.
Even the picture has m's flying around

Kids learn and have fun at the same time!  Dr. Suess is the BESTEST!

Rachael Alice Orbach
English teacher at your service

Because of Winn-Dixie chapter 6

This book was made into a movie, but I think that the dog in the movie was too cute!  I think of Winn-Dixie as a real ugly dog Something like this:

But lovable you know.  The book is written in a light-hearted style that is like you are having a conversation with India Opal
Let's get into Chapter 6. 
Vocabulary:  Memorial - in memory of someone selecting - picking out  humming - singing without words with the mouth closed  never got over it  - still scared about it  snuffled - to sniff 
Pronunciation hind - long i 

Questions:  Why did India Opal go a lot that summer?   What was the problem to bring Winn-Dixie inside?  What does Herman W. Block Memorial Library really look like?  What did Miss Franny Block think that Winn-Dixie was?  What did she do when she saw him?  Then what did she do when Opal explained things? How is Opal like her mother?  How did Winn-Dixie get himself comfortable? 

Homework:  Write about a place where you are not allowed to take an animal and what would ha…

Immigrants help innovation in the USA - English conversation lesson

The role of immigration in the United States is a hot issue this year in the 2016 presidential election.
Many people are against immigration because of various reasons, but a new study says that 35% of innovations come from people who were not born in the United States.

Let's read this article from VOA and find out more!

When did this report come out?
What does the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (or ITIF) do? 
What implications does this report have for the United States economy? 
Why do these people come to the US? 
Does the report deal with low-skilled workers? 
How many immigrant innovators has the White House honored?
What percent of innovators are women?  
What percent of the population are immigrants as a whole? 

What role does immigration play in your country?
What socio-economic group are immigrants?
Are you an immigrant?
Would y…

Because of Winn-Dixie, Chapter 5

Winn-Dixie is just a lovable, ugly dog, but with Opal's loving care, he is getting more beautiful, but that is not the reason that she loves him. Have you ever had a pet that others didn't like but you just couldn't stop thinking about the pet?  Well that is Winn-Dixie all right.

Ugly dog finds a home

Key Terms couldn't stand  made his heart feel empty

Questions How does Opal know that Winn-Dixie doesn't like to be left alone?  What does the church look like?  Why do the people bring their own chairs?  What is written on the floor?  What did the preacher try to do to make it more presentable?  What happened when they tied up Winn-Dixie outside the church?  What happened when Opal brought the dog inside the church? Who did the preacher say for everyone to pray for?  What did Opal pray for?  What finally happened to the mouse?

Homework:  Sometimes talking to other people just doesn't help that much even if the person is a trained therapist.  If you were to talk …

Magic Tree House, Pirates Before Noon, Chapters 9 and 10

Chapter 9 finds Jack and Annie back in the Tree House.
What other surprises do we find in the Tree House?



What do Jack and Annie find in the tree house?
What is the weather?
How do they know that they are in Pennsylvania?
Which magic animal came back with Annie and Jack?
What did she turn into?
Describe the picture  of Morgan le Fay,
What does Jack call the old woman?
Why does Morgan collect the books?
Why does she put bookmarks in them?
How can Jack and Annie see the Tree House?
Why can they work the magic?

What happened to the Tree House?
What did Jack find in his pocket?
What did they have at home?

Which of the four books did you like the best?
Give examples from your favorite book, using descriptive language.  Tell about your favorite event or character from the book you choose.




Magic Tree House, Pirates Before Noon, Chapter 8

Pirates Before Noon - The Pirates are looking for buried treasure.  What would you put in a treasure box?  It doesn't have to be just gold and silver, although they would help if you could find a place to sell them without being caught.

ignored thunderstorm Mutineers spray of the waves Precious gems

Questions  How did the pirates get the black stone out of the hole?  Why did Captain Bones toss the gold medallion into the hole?  Why did the pirates leave the island? Why was Jack tempted to open the chest himself?  What did the parrot say to Jack?  What was it about the bird that made Jack give up the treasure?  What was Annie holding when Jack got to the tree house?  What happened with the weather? 

Homework Tell about a time that you had to choose between two alternatives.  What were they? Why would you have wanted to do each of them?  Why did you choose the one that you did?  Do you regret not choosing the other one? 


Pirates Past Noon Chapter 7

Magic Tree House Chapter 7

What would you like to do in a storm?  Dig for Buried Treasure?


a gale

What happened in Chapter 6?
What is Jack and Annie's problem now?
How are they going to get back to the island?
Why do Jack and Annie say that they are going to show the pirates the treasure?
Why doesn't Captain Bones help dig for the treasure?
Why doesn't he use proper English while speaking?
How do Jack and Annie use their knowledge to get what they want?

More reading about buried treasure

A real treasure that was dug up

Pirates Past Noon Book 4 Chapter 6

Chapter 6  the Whale's Eye

By Ansgar Walk - Own work, CC BY-SA 2.5,

 Which part of the story do you like best so far?
What were the pirates afraid of in the sea?
What were the pirates doing aboard the ship?
What kind of music did they hear?
Which pirate did Jack read about in the book?
How did that help them to get back to the Island?
What is the island shaped like?
What does the palm tree remind Annie of?
What does the big black rock remind Jack of?


Research Captain Kidd

Write a summary of how Captain Kidd's treasure was found,

Trifles by Susan Glaspell (1916) Reflections on the Play . .

Trifles by Susan Glaspell (1916)  

Reflection by Rachael Orbach

The action in the play is separated into the men’s and women’s roles.  The women are relegated to the kitchen and to the sewing room.  There is a lot of work to be done, as the play was written in 1916, women’s liberation has not made it to this country community.  The men work outside the home, and the women work to make the home run. There isn’t electricity yet, so there is a lot of work to be done by hand.   Fruit has to be canned, quilts sewn by hand, there is no indoor plumbing.

The conflict is that the women’s husband has been strangled by a rope in the middle of the night.  The sheriff has been called in to investigate the crime. The county attorney comes with the sheriff, who brings his  wife, Mrs. Peters and the person who found the body and his wife, Mrs. Hale.   Mr. Hale had come to the house to see about putting in a party line telephone system. The Mrs. Wright had said that someone had strangled her husband, J…

The Road Not Taken Unit Planner With LOTS and HOTS

State of Israel Ministry of Education English Inspectorate

Unit Planner Teacher’s Name:     Rachael Orbach                         Date:    Feb 16, 20xx                Name of School:               Piece #: Name of Literary Text: The Road Not Taken Type: (poem/story/play/novel)     Poem                                              Targeted Higher-Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) for Analysis and Interpretation poem= 1 / short story = 2 / play or novel=3 Methodology used for Teaching HOTS (Inductive or Deductive) 1. Poem Hand out #1 2.  Problem Solving