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What is Education?

What is education?

In the Dictionary,  education is defined as the field of study that deals with methods of
teaching and learning.
Education is the process of imparting knowledge to others who want that knowledge.
Education can also be a self directed process by which a person seeks out knowledge
from many different sources and synthesizes it to reach new conclusions or discoveries.

What is your view of Education?

What role does Education play in your life?

Where do you find your educational resources?

How has Education changed in the past 10 years?

What have we gained?  lost?

Rachael Alice Orbach - English Teacher

Commonly confused Words #2

Words Commonly Confused #2

For each of the following problems,  circle the correct choice.

Example: (Who’s, Whose) been sitting in my chair?

The correct answer is Who’s, so I would circle it

     (Who’s, Whose) book is this?

The correct answer is Whose, so I would circle it.

1. My cat had (its, it’s) kittens last night.

2. Please be (quiet, quite) during the test.

3. Our school’s (principal, principle) shaved his head when the soccer team won the

state championship.

4. Be careful with (your, you’re) new cell phone; you’d hate to lose or break it.

5. Sam just barely (passed, past) his driver’s exam.

6. When Rachel got hit with a baseball, we thought she might not be (conscious,


7. (There, Their, They’re) going to be angry when they find out that their trees were

toilet papered last night.

8. I can’t stand it when people give me (advice, advise) that I don’t need.

9. Please put (your, you’re ) clothes in the laundry basket.

10. How many fans (were, where) at the game?


Magic Tree House book 3 Mummies in the Morning Chapter 1

This is the third book in the series. The first two book are very interesting too.

I am teaching this series of books, so I am writing these lesson plans for this book  Mummies in the Morning.  Chapter 1 Before Reading, 
What do you know about Ancient Egypt?  What was the purpose of the Pyramids?  What is the weather like in Egypt?   Here are some website that you can go to  All about Egypt and mummies

While reading
List the events in the c…

How to Take Notes - Very useful for High School and College Students

How to Take Notes.
When you attend a lecture, it is useful to be able to jot information down to help you remember what you heard. The purpose of note-taking is simple: to help you study better and more quickly. This means your notes don’t have to contain everything, they have to contain the most important things. And if you’re focused on capturing everything, you won’t have the spare mental “cycles” to recognize what’s truly important. Which means that later, when you’re studying for a big test or preparing a term paper, you’ll have to wade through all that extra garbage to uncover the few nuggets of important information? Dates of events
Names of people:
Arguments and debates: Any list of pros and cons, any critique of a key idea, both sides of any debate related in class or your reading should be recorded
Images and exercises
Other stuff: Just about anything a professor writes on a board should probably be written down, unless it’s either self-evident or something you already …

Girl gets 3D printed prosthetic hand - English Conversation Lesson

This is really amazing and now it seems the there is no limit to what modern technology can do!
I hope that this invention can brighten the lives of many more children!

partial - only a part of 
take for granted. - do without thinking
prosthetic - artificial
solid object - an object that doesn't have holes 
indirectly - without meaning to 
hold her back - keep her from doing what she wants to do 

Why did Shea want a new hand? 
What is remarkable about the design of the hand? 
What is the difference between the cost of her robo-hand and other prosthetics?
Why did she choose different colors?
What can she do now that she couldn't do in the past?
What is Shea's next project?
What is the group of designer's next project?
In your opinion, what is the future of prosthetic devices? 

Bagrut Level B Interview. Winter 2006

psychologist sy kol i gest
characteristics kar ri tre is tics
exactly x lact li
musical mu si kal
instruments in stru ments
traditional tra di shun al
educational ed u kas shun al

Smart Toys by Mark Robin For our monthly column "Ask the Expert" I interviewed Dr. Charles Linden, the school psychologist, and asked him about Smart Toys. Mark: Everybody is talking about Smart Toys. What are Smart Toys exactly? Dr. Linden: Smart Toys are toys that have two important characteristics. First, they 5 must have some kind of computer technology in them. Second, they respond to you when you play with them. Mark: What do you mean? Dr. Linden: I'll give you an example. Smart Toys for young children can be dolls, cars or musical instruments. They respond when a child speaks to them. For example, 10 a "smart" car is a car that moves when the child says "go", and flashes its lights when the child says "lights". Mark: That's …

Commonly Confused Words Worksheet

English 10A Words Commonly Confused Sentence Practice

For each pair of words listed below, write one sentence that uses both words correctly.

For example:

a lot and allot:  I didn’t have a lot of candy, but I allotted it among my friends.

1. affect and effect

2. than and then

3. loose and lose

4. accept and except

5. its and it’s

6. lay and lie

7. your and you’re

8. than and then

9. their, they’re, and there

10. quite and quite

Book Review Dear Mr. Henshaw

Dear Mr. Henshaw is a great book, but it deals with a subject that in the United States is not very controversial anymore.  How a kid deals and feels about divorce.

The book is a series of letters and diary entries that the main character writes to his favorite author, Mr. Henshaw who wrote a (fictional) book, 50 Ways to Amuse a Dog.

Leigh Botts, is a boy who at the beginning writes at a very low level and through the book we can see his progression in expressing himself through writing.

The book is very well done and I couldn't put it down, I HAD to read to the end.

But notwithstanding, I wouldn't recommend it to just anyone.  IF you have a child and you have gone through a divorce, then it would be beneficial for the child to read it.
OR, if you are thinking about getting a divorce and want to know the effects on your kids, then it would be good for you to read the book.

Here is a link that you can read it yourself.


Listening Exercise from Bagrut Winter 2009

This exercise can be used as a listening comprehension, or as a reading. I have added  questions  to help with comprehension.   A good exercise still relevant today!
Key Phrases 
 body clock
nine-to-five work day
doesn't suit everyone
 function best

 Teacher's note: You can read this as a role play, Teacher reads the text in italics and the student reads the rest.  The student then answers the questions at the bottom, either in writing or by speaking.

Hello listeners, and welcome to our program "Around the World." For all of our listeners who have a
hard time getting up in the morning, we are interviewing Dan Gustafsson, president of the B-society of Denmark.

Hello Dan.


Tell me, Dan, what is this B-society all about?

Let me answer that by telling you something personal. My whole life, I’ve been considered lazy because I could never get out of bed on time. Believe me, I’ve broken dozens of alarm …

How to learn new Vocabulary quickly

If you are learning English and your native language is Hebrew then you can use this sheet
You write the list of words in Hebrew, then translate into English.  then hide the first column, do the next translation, Hide that column, hide the translation, translate again, and again,  By the time you get to the last column, you have written the words a number of times and you have learned them!

תרגום את המילים Translate the words into Hebrew.                                                            

עברית אנגלית עברית אנגלית עברית אנגלית