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Because of Winn-Dixie, Chapter 2, Lesson Plan

Because of Winn-Dixie is an exciting book and movie.  Today we are studying Chapter 2!

missionary - someone who teachers other about Christianity
The missionaries in California provided food and education to the Native Americans in the 1800's

sermon- speech that a priest will give in church
The small boy liked the sermon about Noach's Ark last Sunday

limping - how you walk when you hurt your leg or foot
After I sprained my ankle, I limped for a week.

less fortunate - people who have less money than the average
You should give charity to people who are less fortunate than you.

What is the main character's name?
Why does she have that name?
What do people call her?
Where does the family live?
What does the father do for a living?
How does the girl convince her father to keep the dog?
Which animal does her father remind her of?

Tell about a time that you helped a person less fortunate than you.
What did you do?  When was it? How do you know th…

Pirates Past Noon - Chapter 5 Magic Tree House Lesson Plan

Pirates Past Noon by Mary Pope Osborne, is a fast, fun book where kids can learn a bit about Pirates. When reading this book, be sure to check out these extra links to learn even more!

Background reading

Key Terms

back slowly away - to walk backwards in a slow manner When I saw the porcupine, I backed slowly away, I didn't want the frightened animal to throw any quills at me. 
lubbers slang term for people who live on land Hey, you land lubbers!  If you are going to be sick, throw up over the side!
thy-Old English word for "you" Thy eyes are the color of the sky! 
doom - to die  I thought I was doomed, the oncoming car was coming too fast, but I turned away at the last moment! 
Cap’n - abbreviation for the word Captain Cap"n, Kidd hid his treasure on an islan…

Magic Tree House Pirates Past Noon, Chapter 4

The Magic Tree House takes us to the time of the Pirates, where some pirates were working for themselves, and others were working for a state. Barbary was one country that sponsored their pirates and one famous pirate, Sir Francis Drake was in the employ of England.

Background Reading:
Famous Pirate: Blackbeard
Why pirates might have had black teeth:
Questions  Why did the pirate have a patch over his eye?  Why does the pirate say "vile booty?"  Why doesn't the pirate captain like books?
What does he want instead?
How does Annie speak to the Pirates?
Why did Jack go back for the book?
What would have you done in this situation?


What is more important for you, money or friends?
Which will help you more in the future?

Magic Tree House Pirates Past Noon Chapter 3

Pirates Past Noon is a fun look at the Pirates myth.  Whether there were any pirates as these I will leave it to you to figure out! If you happened to see this image on a flag, the best thing that you should have done, is to go the other way as fast as you can!  Most pirates only cared about plunder and cash!

Background information
Pirate pistol*
How big was a pirate ship?

Pirate rowboat…

Magic Tree House, Pirates Past Noon,. Chapter 2,

We are continuing with our book Pirates Past Noon.   Chapter 2.  Many people know more about Pirates now than in the past thanks to the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series.  But in reality pirates were very cruel and didn't live long thanks to the battles that they had, either with other pirates or between different countries navies.

Background Reading
Famous Pirate flags Tall sailing ship
Map of the Caribbean 
Vocabulary swooped - to fly in a circular manner The eagle swooped down to catch its prey. 
hit the sand - to reach the sand When he hit the sand, he ran to the water and waded into the cool water. 
saltwater. - sea water The sea is full of saltwater. 
green parrot 
Pronunciation salt - say l clearly 

What has happened in Chapter 1?

Magic Tree House - Pirates Past Noon Chapter 1

Magic Tree house is a very successful series of books for children who read at a lower level. The language is simple, but the concepts are interesting and the readers learns about many different places and time periods effortlessly.

Today we are reading Chapter 1

Yuck - something that you don't like
Yuck! I stepped in the sticky mud!

cozy- warm and nice
I couldn't get out of bed this morning, it was so warm and cozy.

TV - television
I watched the weather report on the TV.

rain gear - things that you use when it is raining
I forgot my rain gear this morning and I got very wet.

charged- to run fast
I charged down the hill because I was late for the bus!

rainy  say r clearly
lonely  say l's clearly

Why can't Jack and Annie go out to the Tree House?
Who does Annie want to meet at the Tree House?
Why did Jack get the medallion and the book mark?
Where did they find the Medallion?
Where did they find the bookmark?
What else did Jack take w…

Module A from 2009 Use as Listening, or a Role Play - English lesson

I use this as either a listening, or as a role play, with questions at the end to check comprehension

Module A

Good morning listeners. This is Mary Silver in our program "Stay Healthy". Today we

will talk about a new idea that is becoming popular all over the country: Building

exercise rooms for people at their place of work. Here in the studio is Mr. Jason King,

president of the Crown Computer Company.

Good morning Mr. King. 

Good morning.

I heard that you have opened an exercise room in your company’s building. Why 

did you decide to do that?

Well, many of my workers complained that they work long hours and don’t have time to

do any kind of sports or exercise. They were worried about their health.

And what did you think?

I agreed with them. I decided to do something that will keep them happy and healthy.

Do you know about other companies that have exercise rooms?  

Yes. In fact I visited exercise rooms in a few companies. I talked to the company

managers and to the workers. T…

Buy a Czech Castle for 12,000 E - English Conversation lesson

Would you want to live in a Castle? Just finished studying Magic TreeHouse
Got the Castle bug?  Well let's go to this site and find out more!

history buff
the roof sags
ripped-up parquet floors

How did Natalia Makovik get into Real Estate?
How long does it take to sell one castle?
How much is the purchase price?
How much would the renovations cost? 
Why would you want to buy a castle? 
Would you want to live in the castle? 

Lesson Plan by Rachael Alice Orbach 

IELTS short answer Interview questions

If you need practice for the IELTS Interview section use these questions and practice with a friend:

Ielts short answer Interview Questions

Hi I'm __________________  What work do you do?
What do you like about your job?
What hours do you work?
Who was the most interesting customer you have served?
How many people do you sell to a day?
Where do you see yourself in a year's time?
Where do you like to go out in the evening?
Who is the person you most admire?
What do you like to do in your free time?
Do you prefer to spend your free time alone or with other people?
Are you good at managing your time?
How do you manage your time?

When is it most important for you to manage your time?

What kind of books do you like to read?

Do you read the same kind of books now that you read when you were a child?

Can you swim?
Are there many places to swim near you?

Do you think everyone should learn to swim?

Rachael Alice Orbach - English Teacher

Because of Winn-Dixie Chapter 1

This is a favorite book of mine, but I didn't like the movie that much.   It tells of life in a small town, where the supermarket is called Winn-Dixie.   The first class takes place on Adar 1, (February 10th) at 16:30-17:00,  We will read the First Chapter, talk about vocabulary words and answer the questions.  Open to 10 students only.  E-mail as soon as possible to reserve your space!

Key Terms
skidded - to come to a stop
The pound a place where stray animals are taken


What did India Opal Buloni need to buy at the market?
What did she come back with?
What did the dog do?
Why did the dog want to thank the Manager?
Why did the store manager want to cry?
Why did she choose the name Winn-Dixie?
What condition was the dog in?
How did Winn-Dixie show that he wanted a new home?

Predict what her father (the preacher) is going to say about the dog,


Tell about a time where you did something different than what you planned.
What did you do? Where…