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Sunset of the Sabertooth Magic Tree House Chapter 3 and Chapter 4

Magic Tree House Sunset with the Sabertooth Student Assignment Sheet Chapter 3 and Chapter 4

Background reading Cave Bear

Expressions Whew! - Say when you are saved from a dangerous situation. Whew, that was a close one! We ran away just in time!
Their shadows danced – a metaphor that means that the shadows were moving around Their shadows danced on the wall, as the bonfire burned all night long.

Pronunciation ledge – a small shelf on the side of a mountain I tried to sit on the ledge, but it was too small.

Questions How did Jack know that the snoring came from a bear? Why were the children so cold? What did they bring with them? What did they find? What is the difference between the two caves? What information did they learn from the book? What did they find to keep them warm? What notes did Jack write in his notebook? How did Cro-Magnon light their homes? W…

Harry Potter #1 Chapter 6 pages 110-122

Key terms 
furious - angry
for company - to be with someone
a company, - Google, facebook, WeChat are all Internet companies
I like your company.  = I like to be with you.
 to vacuum - to clean the rug with a machine that picks up dirt
punctures - a hole in a tire
 drifted over  - smoke coming out of the engine moving slowly
striding  - walking very purposefully
goggle at - to look at and make fun of
keep your hair on - if a woman is wearing a wig, she doesn't want to show anyone else

fun  hear the n
say ed
talked = talkt
briskly - going fast
drifted  drif ted
twice  long I
leaned  leeened

How does Harry feel about the new relationship between himself and the Durselys?
Why doesn't Aunt Petunia come inside the room anymore?
What does Hedwig bring in?  Why?
How does Harry get to Kings Cross station?
Why does Uncle Vernon have to take Dudley to London?
What does Dudley do when he sees Harry?
Why does Aunt Petunia have to do to get Dudley to sit next H…

Starfleet Academy the Movie - Worksheet

I had a few free hours last night during the rainstorm, so instead of pushing myself to go out and teach and get wet on the way there and back, I decided to watch a movie. This is very rare for me, but as I am a teacher, I chose a movie about school. Well not a normal school, but one from the 23rd Century.  Starfleet Academy takes place in the Future San Francisco and in the Klingon Empire, where ever that is.

The movie came out in 1997, so even though it is old, it is a goody to behold. Some of our favorite Star Trek characters Chechov, Sulu and James T. Kirk

After watching this movie, a number questions come to mind.

What is the philosophy toward education of the Federation and of the Klingons?
Which involves more teamwork?
Which would be more acceptable in the 21st century?
Why don't we see the Klingon cadet?
How does David Forester win the No-Win Situation?
What projection is Surik working on?
How does David Forester infiltrate the subversive group…

Going Shopping in Diagon Alley pages 100-109 Harry Potter #1

Going Shopping in Diagon Alley.

Key Terms
revenges - to get back at someone
circumstances - special occasion
supply - an amount that hou will need
stammering - can't get the words out
faded - the color has gone away
spindly - not very sturdy
creepy  - a little bit scary
transfiguration - to change from one form to another
reflected - to see yourself in a mirror
relief  a feeling of reassurance and relaxation following release from anxiety or distress.
piercing look - to look very carefully
substance - a particular kind of matter with uniform properties
nostrils - where you breathe from at the bottom of your nose
bow to bend over in greeting or saying goodbye
laden - loaded down  They have lots of packages with them after shopping
singled outsomeone or something out (for something) to choose or pick someone or something for something

cage - say hard g 
faded - long a 
flexible - x = ks sound 
pile - long i 
dusty y is I sound 

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone pages 87-100

Harry is now on his way to Diagon Alley!  One of my favorite things that you can buy there is the moon globe.  I actually had one when I was a child.  It had the landing places of the Apollo landings!

instruments  inst ra ments
towered - very tall
swarthy - dark skin
stool oo
marble mar bl
wide  long I
plunged  plun ged
eagerly - very excited
crime long I
kind long I
hopped one syllable
quiet  kwi et
wrote  long o

Why did Dumbledore engineer that Harry grow up in the Muggle world?
Why can't the people in the Leaky Cauldron let Harry go?
Who is Professor Qurrel?
Why does he always tremble?
How do you get into Diagon Alley?
Why does Harry need 8 more eyes?
What does the poem mean at the entrance of Gringotts?
Why does Hagrid have all the stuff in his pockets?
What is surprising about the tunnels under Gringotts?
What is the difference between stalactites and stalagmites.
for a beautiful picture:

Why doesn…