Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Day of Dragon King Chapter 10

Jack and Annie return home,  They are very relieved to be back after almost being caught in the Terra Cotta Tomb.  Here is the story that they went to find:

The short version: http://starsoverpeoria.blogspot.co.il/2014/08/the-weaver-girl-and-cowherd.html

The long version:

What happened to Jack and Annie's clothes when they came back?
What did they bring Morgan?
What did she say to them?
What is the summary of the the legend?
Why did the cricket's song remind them of the Dragon King time?
Why were crickets important in Ancient China?
How did they keep crickets?
What did Jack and Annie tell their mother about Ancient China?
Does she believe them?
What does she think they were doing?

Homework : Draw a Movie poster fot this book.  Show why people should come and see this movie!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Timelinks 5 Our Government pages 8-9

Timelinks 5 is an interesting book that covers all about American History.  It is written for American students, but ESL students can learn a tremendous amount in history that is not taught in their schools as well as English terms that are used all the time in America.

Today we are learning about the American Government.

Key terms

democracy - power held by the people, used when they vote
republic - a country that has elected leaders
constitution - plan of government
preamble - introduction to a formal document
ruled - when a king or queen holds power
rights - things that people can do within the law
local - the commuity where people live
state - many communites
national - the whole country
citizen  a person either born or naturalized, a member of a country

What is the difference between a democracy and a monarchy?
What rights do the American people have?
What duties do they have?
How can a citizen serve the country?
How does the elected leaders serve the country?

Homework: How does the form of government help the people?  What is the form of government in your country?  Do the people vote?  Do you feel that the government helps the people?

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Passive Voice Exercise


Write these sentences in the Passive Voice


John rode a bicycle for the first time.

Answer: The bicycle was ridden by John for the first time.

1) Julia rescued three cats.
2) The students handed in the reports.
3) Maria crashed into the blue car.
4) Alex learned the poem by heart.
5) Steven forgot the book at home.
6) The mechanic did not repaired the the stove.
7) They play handball.
8) Sue puts the backpack on the floor.
9) The girls lost the tennis match.
10) The teacher is not going to open the window.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Day of the Dragon King Chapter 9

Jack and Annie are still in the Terra Cotta Tomb!  The novelty has worn off and the air is starting to get thick and hard to breathe!  Read Chapter 9 to see how they get out!!

Key Terms
 took off - run after
barefoot without shoes
collapsed - fell down

scientifically si en ti fi kly
 lamp-lit - say l clearly
ached ch is k sound
dragged - one syllable
embraced - c is sound
glowing - blend g and l together

What happened to the ball of silk yarn?
What did it do that was impossible?
How does Annie explain it?
What do they decide to do?
What does Annie see before Jack?
Where are they when they come out?
Why do their shoes fall off?
What time of day is it when they come out?
Who do they see from the Tree House window?

  How do Jack and Annie get out of the Tomb?  What is impossible about the ball of thread?
Where does it lead them?  

Day of the Dragon King Chapter 8

The Dragon King had thousand of Terra Cotta Soldiers made to be buried with him when he died.  This was to protect him in the afterlife.

Now Jack and Annie find the soldiers Here is a link for more research  https://www.fieldmuseum.org/discover/on-exhibit/warriors/

Key Terms:
fake - not real

What other civilization do the Terra Cotta Soldiers remind Jack of?
Why are the clay figures' faces different?
What are the statues depicted doing?
Why do they have real weapons?
When do Jack and Annie find out that they are lost?
How does the research book help them?
What happens to the silk thread?

Write a note that Jack and Annie leave in the tomb for future generations.
They explain what happens to them in the tomb.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Day of the Dragon King, , Chapter 7

The Dragon King

The Books are burning! Books can be dangerous and give people new ideas,  This is why many dictators have sought to limit access to books.  This is true in modern times but also throughout history.    For more research go to this link: http://www.ducksters.com/history/china/ancient_china.php

Key Terms:
 blazed- a strong light
 snatched - grabbed
charging back - running back
whizzed by = go by very fast
ducked inside - go inside by bending down

crackled krak led

What were the soldier burning?
What material were the books made from?
How did Annie grab the book and come back?
What was the reaction of the Dragon King?
Where did the scholar tell them to run?
Why would that place be safe?
How does Annie convince Jack to go there?
What do they see when they go in?

Write about your favorite book that you would read over and over.
Why do you like this book?
When did you first read it?
What do you like about the book, the characters, plot, setting?

Monday, April 3, 2017

Social Studies Timelinks G5 Peoples 6-7

Social Studies Timelinks G5 

Key Term: 
diverse  - many different kinds
census  - counting how many people
urban - city
suburban - outside the city
rural - in the country
immigrant - a person who comes from another country to live and work 
enslaved - put into slavery 
ethnic group - people from the same country, have the same customs

Why did many people come to the United States throughout history? 
How many people were there in 1790?
Where did most of them live?
How many people were there in 2006?
What percentage were in urban areas? 
What is one feature of the United States constitution? 

What is the effect of population growth upon the United States? 
Where do most people live and work now? 

The Dort Automobile Company in Michigan

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