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Learn Social Studies EFL Style! Timelinks Book 5, United States History,

We are studying Social Studies today, Today's lesson is from this book: Timelinks, the United States. Pages 2-5

Here is the link if you want to buy it from Amazon:

Geography - the physical features of a place
enormous - very big
land forms - kinds of lands
plateau - flat area of land 
basin - low area of land 
saltwater - water that has a high concentration of salt in it 
environment - everything that surrounds us -Land 
nonrenewable - can be used up 
ecosystem - how the plants and animals work together to live 
region - a large area of land
climate - the general weather over a large area of land 
arid -  dry land or region 

What are the main regions of the United States? 
Where is most agriculture?  
Where is the largest river in the United States? 
Where are the most important waterways? 
Why was water traffic important…

Day of the Dragon King Chapter 6

Key Terms
gong- a big metal cymbal hung up and hit to make a very loud sound
oxcart - a wagon which uses oxen to pull it

bunched  - hard ch
bumped -  blend m and p mp
curved - one syllable

When do the gates close?
What happens if visitors don't leave in time?
Why are the ends of the roofs curved?\
Why are people buying little cages with an animal inside?
Annie asks what are ancestors?  Tell her the answer.
Who is buried in the tomb?
How many workers were working on it?
Why does the scholar yell?
What material are the books written on?
Who is watching the bonfire?

Here is a link about Ancient Chinese Ghosts to do more research about Ancient China

Write a newspaper article about the events in this chapter.  Include a quote from a bystander at the end of your article.

Example:    Look at the first example on this website:

Diary of A Cat Lesson plan

I live in a very interesting part of Jerusalem.  We have lots of synagogues, a big market nearby and very creative people, (including myself of course) 

My downstairs neighbor Bella Yifrah used to be a computer programmer, but now she is an artist as well as a writer.  She is originally from Bukara.  She paints and writes books. 

I did her a favor and translated her book, A Diary of a Cat from Hebrew to English. It is available on Amazon:

Key Terms 
blind-  not being able to see 
irritating  - it bothers 
nerve - someone who does things that are annoying
arrogant - someone who puts himself above others

How does the cat feel at the beginning?
What does the cat get from her mother? 
Who is pushing her away from her mother?
How does she feel about him? 

Homework: Pretend that you are the mother cat.  Tell your two kittens what they need …

Magic Tree House Afternoon on the Amazon Chapter 10 Student Assignment Sheet

Magic Tree House
Afternoon on the Amazon
Chapter 10
Student Assignment Sheet

While Reading Make a chart of the events that happen in this chapter

Background Reading
Pennsylvania Forest facts Forest Facts
Vocabulary tagging verb – to run and touch something. Example: I like to play tag with my friends, we just lightly touch each other, and I am often “it.”
amazing adjective causing great surprise or wonder; astonishing.I went to an amazing exhibit at the science museum last weekend.
Pronunciation amazing a ma zingQuestionsWhat is interesting about the fruit? ____________________________________________