Friday, January 12, 2018

Magic Tree House, Midnight on the Moon, Chapter 9

Magic Tree House, Midnight on the Moon, Chapter 9 

Jack and Annie make it back to Tree House to and they solve the riddle!  

This is a boxed set of the bookss 1-8 so that you can read them in order! 


How did Jack and Annie free Morgan from the spell? 
Did they have to go outside onto the moon? 
What could have they done instead?  
Would you have been able to figure it out? 
How did Morgan communicate to the people who helped Jack and Annie? 
Who turned Morgan into a mouse?  Why? 
Where did the kides go next?  

Homework: Who is Merlin?  Let's do some research about him. Write a report on Merlin in historical fiction.

While you read this chapter, listen to this music. Written, produced by Rachael Alice Orbach

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